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Announcing New GDA Plus+ Partners

Quality Programs. Group Savings. Lower Dues.

GDA Plus+ programs can save you thousands of dollars on insurance, dental supplies, and other products and services. In addition to providing comprehensive insurance policies, attentive customer service, and a one-stop marketplace for products you buy every day, GDA has researched and vetted business solutions, bringing exclusive deals and discounts from GDA Plus+ Partners.

Members who participate in these services will save time, money and hassle—putting the focus back on patient care.

For more information on these services, please visit GDAplus.com.

Capital Preservation Services

10% savings on professional consulting fees

(877) 432-0921
info@cpsllcms.com | cpsllcms.com

Capital Preservation Services (CPS) is a national tax planning and business development firm that provides tax planning services to legally reduce taxes through proper corporate structuring, as well as business and marketing consulting services to grow your business. Capital Preservation Services’ goal is to help you Earn More and Keep More. By having a strategic partnership with a group of highly skilled tax attorneys and marketing professionals, CPS provides you with an income tax plan strategically aligned with the tax code, and that efficiently structures your business to legally reduce your taxes. CPS provides the development and facilitation of a business development and marketing plan to help you gain and retain patients.

CPS will provide and implement proven tax reduction strategies, that are driven through proper corporate structuring, which results in an average tax savings of $30K–50K annually for CPS clients in the dental profession.

Learn more at GDAplus.com/cps.

Total Medical Compliance

Annual savings on compliance programs

(888) 862-6742

For over twenty years, Total Medical Compliance (TMC) has provided personalized OSHA, HIPAA, and Infection Control compliance programs for thousands of dental and medical practices throughout the country. We are a team of OSHA and HIPAA experts offering the training and support you need, so you can focus on what matters most—your patients.

At Total Medical Compliance (TMC), we recognize that every client is unique. Whether you need a facility audit, onsite training, online training, manuals or CE credits, we have compliance solutions that will work for you. We offer hands-on, full service customer support that you won’t find anywhere else.

TMC will provide complimentary educational webinars for GDA members and a free month of OSHA compliance to members in February 2018.

Learn more at GDAplus.com/tmc.