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President's Message - Fall 2016

President's Message from Dr. Steven Berwitz
It is a great pleasure to be the new incoming president for the Southeastern District Dental Society. Last year I had the privilege of sitting on the Board Of Trustees with Past President Dr. Tom Broderick at the helm. It was a busy year with many legislative issues dominating discussions. However as an organization, we were able to stand to ether and have our voice heard with regards to various issues.

This year brings many new and additional topics to the agenda of the Dental Association and our district. n the Association level, we are still working on legislative issues that will effect our profession. I would like to state now how important it is to attend the Legislative Receptions and Law Day, in February, to help our appointed representative understand what is important to the future of our profession. As you are also aware, the Buyers Group has been a topic of discussion with two sides of the story being presented in various emails. I want to stress the Board of Trustees and the board of the Buyers Group is hard at work to create a program that will provide substantial savings to all of the members that join. Obtaining substantial savings on dental supplies is still an important topic that will come to fruition.

On the local level, there are a number of items on the agenda that I am planning to accomplish this year. First is the compliance of our District. A few years prior, we were incorporated, but our non-profit status was never established. I am currently working with the GDA and an attorney on retainer to make sure that our District is protected and compliant with all non-profit regulations. I have also begun research discussions with the GDA to help with management of our district. Since all of the Executive Board Members are busy practicing dentistry, we need to have some assistance with basic management tasks.

Our district also held an additional Pre-Legislative Reception in August. The additional reception allowed II the legislators who are vying for a seat to speak to our group and hear our concerns. With a number of Legislators -tiring and many new seats open, it is important that we had a chance to talk with our potential representatives prior their election. I would like to thank Dr. Byron Colley and Dr. Robert Vaught for their assistance with this event. I would also like to take the opportunity to mention that Dr. Felix Maher will be running for Chatham County Commission District 3. I hope that all of us can support his and his political endeavor. Good luck November 8th!

Finally, I would like to mention the need to increase our membership and participation. For years, the turn you to our events have been mixed. Dr. Bracey Holland has selected a number of wonderful CE events for this coming year; however, we always have the same faces attending the meetings. I would like to find ways to create events t at our members from outside Savannah feel comfortable attending. I am open to any ideas our members may have. I would also like to ask that if you would like to get involved in our district or help out in some small way to please Contact me. We are member driven and the future of our district rest with all of you.