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2019 GDA Convention and Dr. Aspinwall's Final Farewell

The Southeastern District was well represented at the GDA Annual Convention this year.  A few highlights include:

  • Dr. Steven Berwitz received high praise and recognition as GDA Chairman of the Year for his work on new CE programs and initiatives throughout the state.  
Dr. Berwitz Award
  • Two members of the Southeastern District, Dr. Chris Deleon and my husband, Forrest Aspinwall, were members on the winning golf team for the annual tournament.  Their wives have already confiscated their winnings!   
1st Place Golf Tournament Winners
  • Record turn-out this year (50+ people) for our Southeastern District cocktail reception with the GDA president, Dr. David Bradberry, and CEO, Frank Capaldo, in attendance, as well as two of our Southeastern District legislators, Dr. Ben Watson and Dr. Lester Jackson, and their families.  Thank you to all who attended!   
  • A great big congratulations goes out to Southeastern District member Dr. Zach Powell, who was elected into the position of GDA Vice-President and will rise through the chairs to become president of the GDA.

This meeting marks the end of my position as President of the Southeastern District as Dr. Justin Damron is assuming the role for 2019-2020.  I have all confidence in his leadership and look forward to continuing to aide our district’s member dentists in any way possible. These past years as a SEDDS officer have been my pleasure, thank you for the opportunity.       

Powells and Aspinwalls

Our next meeting will occur on September 27 and 28th– this will be a joint meeting with the Eastern and Central districts, two days of CE for you and your staff, here in Savannah.  Our business meeting will be held in conjunction with the CE event. Please mark your calendars – you will be receiving a flyer from the GDA very soon with all of the details.   

Rebecca M. Aspinwall, DMD

Here are a few photos from the Southeastern District cocktail reception with the GDA president, Dr. David Bradberry, and CEO, Frank Capaldo. 

IMG_2861 IMG_2863 IMG_2905 IMG_2869 IMG_2904 ​IMG_2903