CE and Reception

Join the SEEDS on Feb. 2 for two hours of CE and a reception with GDA President Dr. Zach Powell.

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A Message from the President

 Dear Southeastern District,

Happy New Year! It is my privilege to serve you as the southeastern district president for 2022. Our past president, Dr. Aaron Rawlings served faithfully during a challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe we are moving forward, and hope for a great year of valuable CE and fellowship at meetings where we can enjoy each other‘s company and increase our knowledge of dentistry to benefit our patients.
Let me introduce our dedicated southeastern district officers: 
Dr. Lindsay English, President-elect
Dr. Ray Wallace, Vice President
Dr. Josh White, Secretary and Treasurer
Dr. Aaron Rawlings, Past President
You are well aware that our CE events have been challenged by attendance in the past. Over the last few years, we have prepared for a different CE plan for 2022. 
Our first event will be a very exciting topic on cyber attacks in dentistry, which affect many many more offices than we realize on a regular basis by a staff member innocently opening one infected email attachment. Many of our colleagues could share their own personal experiences with ransomware. On Friday, February 4 beginning at 4 PM at the Savannah Golf Club, we will hear from Black Talon, a GDA endorsed service provider. Immediately following this two-hour lecture, we will mingle with our new Georgia Dental Association President from our very own district, Dr. Zack Powell (St. Simons Island). Zack is a positive and enthusiastic leader who will follow in the footsteps of Immediate Past President, Dr. Annette Rainge (Augusta) who also did a fantastic job leading us this past year. We have fantastic Georgia Dental Association leadership who offer services for your practice and personal needs. Can I remind you that our Georgia Dental Association Executive Officers put us back to work first in the United States after the shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic? They are remarkable people with great connections in our legislature. 
Other CE events to come will include a traditional CE day in May, we are planning for a multi-district CE event in the fall, our legislative reception closer to Christmas time, and of course of significant importance is our law day that is coming up on March 10th. Please calendar these events, and plan to join us. Register for February online, call or text or email us of your plan to attend Law Day on March 10th, and contact and invite your friends, even invite those who are not a part of the Georgia Dental Association to join us. All dentists, members and non-members equally and significantly benefited from our returning to work far earlier than other States. 
We are grateful for each of you, and we need now more than ever to stand together as a strong Southeastern District dental community and go forward together sharing our thoughts, respecting each other‘s opinions, and working towards continuing our great profession of practicing dentistry and serving our patients.
Please feel free to contact me or any of our officers anytime with questions or concerns, and again we look forward to serving you for the 2022 year.
Darron R. Alvord, DMD