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A Message from the President

 Dear Southeastern District,

Happy holidays! As we enter the last month of a challenging year, I’ve taken time to reflect on both the good and bad of 2020. Perhaps like some of you, my mind seems to gravitate towards everything that did not go as planned (the list is long). It’s easy to overlook the positive and stable aspects of our professional lives that continue to go well. I am reminded of the professor who asked his class to describe a blank piece of paper with a black dot on it (google black dot story). The class as a whole focused on describing the shape and size of the dot, but failed to describe the rest of the unblemished sheet of paper. We are fortunate to be part of a respected profession that took some early blows this year, but continues to hold its ground. We have wonderful colleagues, staff and patients who trust us. I for one am recommitting myself to focus on the positive and am looking forward to 2021 with hopeful expectations.

While we have not been able to meet in person for district meetings or other events, know that the SEDDS leadership is still at work. I want to take this opportunity to provide some updates... READ MORE