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Member Alert: Dental Supplies Class Action Lawsuit Notice

Member Alert: Dental Supplies Class Action Lawsuit Notice

You may have received a notice in the mail styled as a “Legal Notice About a Class Action Lawsuit” which further advises that “If You Purchased Dental Supplies And/Or Equipment From Henry Schein, Patterson, Benco, or Burkhart, An $80 Million Class Action Settlement May Affect You.”  
If so, please be advised that this is likely an official correspondence associated with the class action lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of New York against the aforementioned dental supply companies for an alleged price fixing scheme (there has been no formal finding of such activities).  

The purpose of this notice to advise any dentists who may have been affected by the allegations of wrongdoing referenced in the lawsuit of their ability to opt out of being part of the class action lawsuit. The class of plaintiffs includes “anyone in the U.S. who purchased Dental Products directly from Defendants or Burkhart” from August 31, 2008 to March 31, 2016. Those dentists wishing to opt out must file an objection to the Settlement or any aspect of it by April 18, 2019. 
The FAQ tab on dentalsuppliesantitrustclassaction.com is a very helpful resource.
The ADA has also confirmed that the website referenced in this notice is associated with this case.  Read the ADA news release.

Please contact Scott at the GDA office if you have any other questions or concerns about the notice.