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2015-16 Year as President of the GDA

Dr. Tom Broderick looks back at his year as GDA President
My year as president of the Georgia Dental Association ended July 17th at the Annual GDA Meeting at Amelia Island. It was an exciting and busy year as we accomplished a lot of the goals I had set for the year. We were able to:
  • 1) Establish solid financial footing for the GDA and build up reserves not only for the GDA, but also for the Georgia Dental Insurance Services (GADIS), and the Georgia Dental Holding Company GDHC.
  • 2) Establish Georgia's Action for Dental Health. This is a multi-year program to promote dental health an obtain quality dental care dental care to the underserved and uninsured of Georgia.
  • 3) Establish a three year Public Relation Communication Program to define the dentist as the leader of the dental team and to educate Georgians on seeking a dental home with a GDA dentist.
  • 4) Establish a Strategic Plan for the GDA to map out products, services, and operational services that move the association forward and obtain our goal of "Helping GDA Member Dentists Succeed".

These were all notable accomplishments that were a team effort of the Board of Trustees, members of GDA Committees, and the GDA staff. All of these people were great to work with this past year and gave me incredible amounts of their time and talents for which I am grateful. Without them we would not have had a successful year.

There were "trying times" during the legislative session, which involved many late night conference calls and meetings. But through it all, we were successful at achieving our goals at the Capitol, and our success was directly related to so many GDA members calling their representatives and senators and coming to Law Day. So we need to continue our efforts and stay vigilant as we prepare for the 2017 legislative session.

In closing, I will look back at my year as president as one of my highest honors to be entrusted with, and the opportunity and responsibility of leading this great organization, and to serve you and the GDA. I thank you all for the support you gave me and will remember it always.

—Tom Broderick, D.D.S., M.S.